Businesses across the world are giving much attention to Yelp reviews. It’s certainly the largest local social platform on the internets, and with good reason. There are more than 135 million monthly users who use the platform, it also helps in ranking your business in local search engine results, and has the ability to shut down businesses instantly.

yelp seoWhen I have over an adequate amount of evidence of the progressive result of Yelp on sales for the accounts and foot traffics I’ve handled over the years, there’s a dark side while we try to yelp with necessitating thousands of dollars to online status efforts, which might balance out the income value from promoting with Yelp.

The disagreement that has thus far to come to any resolution after negative PR and many lawsuits, are the effect of Yelp reviews, the prejudice of bad to good sentiment in the reviews filtering, and to a local business the whole influence reviews have (knowing that now maximum online visitors comes from what they get in a search result of Google). The aim of Yelp is to focus on the dollars as well as on the foot traffic, they don’t need you to think about anything else, but they could be unaware to let bad reviews build up based on the impact they have.

For fresh companies to yelp, a rep of sales is more probable to sell the idea that “exploring local dealings” is the main cause customers support the online giant, which for those of us entire completely know its influence, is trying and feels deceptive.

What is the Main Reason You Use Yelp?

The main reason you use yelp is that you believe your users are coming to the platform just to find local businesses, in addition to your users, can trust the whole content they explore on your website. The goal of Yelp is to offer the most useful info available. Whereas not the just reason our visitors visit Yelp, reviews do provide reliability and trustworthiness to the business, and the amount of reviews is a belief sign for visitors.

yelp seoThere are a lot of reasons to be a Yelp fan. Our controversy had to do with the main reason user visit or use Yelp, and was authenticated with an awesome 60 percent of respondents demanding they mostly care regarding business reviews in excess of exploring business around them, finding the details of business (instructions, hours, and so on), meet people or for any other reason.
For both women & men, reviews are still the main reason to use Yelp. Men are searching for online businesses around them closely 8 percent over women, and perhaps women look deeper at business data 3 percent over men. On Yelp men’s are more social as compare to the women (1 percent of men make use of Yelp to link with other Yelpers, where only point 3 percent of women say they mainly use the app/website to involve with others).

How to Make Additional Positive Yelp Reviews

Make sure, your customers will leave reviews on Yelp. You only need to help make as many as you can, all with the idea of keeping your normal score of rating near 5 stars.

To make additional positive Yelp reviews you need to do some things that can help your cause:

1. You need to provide top of the line services to your customers. Whereas there are some other things that go into an online review, normally customer service plays an important role. While you focus and provide the best services to your customers, even in a bad experience, it helps to increase the probability of a neutral (or positive) review.

yelp reviews2. You need to just ask! You are not allowed to say customers what to write, there’s nothing immoral with asking your customer to leave a positive review. If the customer does not agree to leave a review you need to explain to them that what you are looking for, why it’s significant, and how these positive reviews help your business for the better. From there, you can wait and hope for the best.

Tip: Ask family members as well as your friends to begin your Yelp business page

3. Use signage! It almost depends on your business, it can be hard to constantly and personally ask customers to give a review on Yelp.

You need to do two things in this case:

*On your site place a badge on Yelp.
*Place a prominent “Find us on Yelp” link.

After performing these two things your customers know that you are also on Yelp and that you are welcome to their response.


For Yelp a rapid solution would be to recognize that consumers and clients are the major advertising vehicle for businesses and to hold reviews as somewhat that should be requested for, encouraged, and adjusted by accurate genuineness, not by any software that filters out feedbacks from fresh customers with a brief engagement history.

We highly reccomend all business owner help flood their favorite review source with positve real reviews from your everyday customers that love your business. Give them a chance to show their support.

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