Digital marketing can be described as a type of marketing in which the use of technology and technological devices are used for marketing purposes as they function as a medium to connect and communicate with customers. Other activities carried out on digital marketing includes, online brochures, digital advertising using website banners and broadcast messages on social media platform, online branding, email marketing etc.

digital marketing

In essence, digital marketing is simply all the actions taken during marketing that involves the use of the internet or technology. It could be the usage of a search engine on a device or a video call with a great customer, or just accessing a wide number of users via popular social media platforms. The company can even have a website or something of that kind to connect to its customers and connect the customers with each other. Digital marketing has made marketing so easy as it has produced more results from doing less.

The world is actually becoming more digital than physical. This also applies to the market too as many people have over the years preferred to sit at the comfort of their homes and buy what they want to buy and have it delivered to them on their doorstep. This, of course, has been drawing many to the digital marketplace. Many are beginning to see the different advantages of digital marketing as it is eclipsing the usual market.


digital marketing

You can make money from buying

Many companies or sellers in the digital marketplace are trying very hard get as many users and buys in the market and they are using so many tactics to draw more customers and users to themselves and a number of this help the buyers make money. Many companies pay using referrals. The more customers’ you bring to use their services they pay you for it. This is a win-win situation as a user can make the money he spends on the company and the company gets new customers from them. This is called affiliate marketing and this is usually great especially if there the company is authentic and not a scam. The money earned from affiliate marketing never stops as if all that is asked is done then money will always come.

digital marketing

Worldwide Market

What better place to sell your products other than a market place in which the whole world does business. It is easy to say that there is no limit to the number of people who use the digital or online market and this makes sales unlimited. Imagine the possibilities of having to sell your good to potentially everybody in the world. Or better still selling to everyone who needs your services in the world. Companies have discovered that they have sold more goods online than at the counter over time and this usually makes certain companies close the store and just focus on having an online store. This has given new companies the chance to grow in rates they never even believed as opposed to having a store on the street where you can only be patronized by people living close by.

No day, no night

Another great benefit of being in the digital market, there is no day or night. The market never sleeps, the market never closes, stores don’t close, people can always buy and sell. You don’t have to worry about going late when the store will be close. You shop all day long.

digital marketing

Saves Stress And Money

When wanting to start up an online store and go into the digital market you don’t need as much as going into a business with a physical street store. As a matter of fact, when entering the digital market you control the amount of money you want to spend for your store online and one great thing is that it can always be lower. The risk is also minimized in digital marketing as there is not always much to lose. As to when compared to a physical store, many times big companies make the mistake of hiring people they do not need or hiring people to do the same jobs, especially in digital marketing.

They hire different agencies for their website optimization when they are all doing the same. You can spend less and get great results, as a matter of fact, there are natural ways to get your website to the top and attract more users without spending a dime. Many companies like to run both a digital store and a physical store. But after a few years, they discover that the digital store draws more customers to them than the physical one and this makes them close the street store. This is largely because the street store produces far less than the online store yet they have to pay more.

digital marketing

The Three C’s

I like to describe this as COMPETITION, COMMUNICATIONS, CAREER, We take this one after the other.


Digital marketing has made it possible to bring about massive competition between Companies without them even knowing each other or having to come in contact with each other. It has given newer companies the chance to compete with the older and more mature one as it gives everyone the chance to be on equal ground. Everyone has equal chances on the digital market as it all depends on how much time and resources one is willing to give into their online businesses. It has given new businesses the chance to create a brand and work on it till it becomes worldwide.


Communications, one of the C’s is also very important as it aims at creating a relationship with the customers. It also helps business control and contacts its customers. Communication is very important in business as it what builds the relationship between customers and business owners.


With how the world is transforming into a digital market it is important now for companies of having employees or a position for something like that. It has become so important that it is necessary if a company want to keep up with its competitors. It has also created another room for employment too as it is added to the options for both study and training as well as posts in companies.