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Why Are Reviews Important?

Reviews are critical for growing your local rankings. The first factor potential customers use to judge a business is their star rating. If you have bad ratings or reviews, it’s guaranteed that you’re losing business.

Why Real Time Reviews?

Don’t let trolls ruin your online reputation. With RTR, we give you an easy platform where your customers can share their positive reviews and experience about your business. RTR is a marketing game-changer in growing your business. Let your customers brag about you.

Easy as 1-2-3

We like being efficient while keeping things simple. Send customers a text message
and they can immediately write a review and post it in real-time onto
Google, Facebook, and other industry-specific platforms.

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Check out the many bonuses and perks of using the RTR platform.

Boost reviews in Phoenix
Boost reviews in Phoenix

Why Real Time Reviews?

Here’s a simple breakdown of how companies can benefit
from using the RTR platform.


Need Reviews

Reviews are one of the most important factors to climb up in online rankings.


The Problem

Once they leave the premise, there is a 3% chance they will write a review.


The Solution

With Real Time Reviews, you can obtain reviews in an efficient and effortless way.


Real Time Reviews

Our simple process ensures that it’s easy on the customer and the user.



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