Using Gmail for business is a professional approach. If you are just set up or starting out a new business, then it is very significant to earn trust with your potential clients. Particularly since you don’t have the trustworthiness so far that comes from many years in business. The key to making trust is having a Gmail address for a business that matches with the name of your business or company.

gmail for business

Actually, according to the current survey, more than 75 percent of clients & customers of GoDaddy say that having a real Gmail for business is important to trusting an online business. With the help of active and real Gmail for business, you will be able to make a professional account. This is a good decision especially for companies with plenty of staffs due to the amount of storage offered, the 24/7 customer support and admin experiences.

On the other hand, if you recently have a small team (not more than five people) and a self-hosted website, it could make more sense for you to set up your Gmail for business.

What is Gmail for Business?

If you are searching for a paid version of Gmail then “G suite” is one of the best choices for you. Rather than having a Gmail account where your username looks like, your email address must include the name of your domain.

Creating a Gmail account that matches your business and company’s website name shows to potential clients and consumers that your company or business is trustworthy and valid.

In addition to, having an email address similar to your domain name, the main change is the admin panel where you will administer the entire of your users, data migration as well as tracking reports.

gmail for business

How to Setup Gmail for Business in Some Steps

Step one: Enter or Register the Name of Your Domain

If you don’t have a name of your domain, the first step is registering one to set up a Gmail for your business. That comes after the @ sign and this will be the part of your Gmail address as well.

If the name of the domain you are interested in buying is available in registering, you will be taken straight to the other page and you can directly purchase it from the page. If the domain name is not available in registering, you will get a text that says, “The domain name you’re searching is not available for buying.”

Step two: Pick Format for Your Email Address and Add Users

You can choose the format for your email address and then you will be taken to another page where you can add users such as your employees that require a unique email address. You may set this up now, but you will as well have an option to add more staff members and employees once you finish the procedure.

While picking the format for the email address, you wish to consider using a usual format for all employees or users. There are plenty of different email address formats you can choose from and while its suitable to use each type to determine which email address format is accurate for your company or business.

Step three: Verify the Name of Your Domain

If you did not enter or register the name of your domain via Google, you will have to confirm that you purchase the domain that you wish to use in your email address.

Step four: Select Your Plan

You have already set up your account, but the trial version just lasts within 14 business days. For that reason, if you require to keep access to your account, you will have to select and pay for the plan you selected.

Besides, the price is for each user. You can also set up a group email address, for example, for no extra cost.

Step five: Transfer Your Emails from Your Current Webmail Host (optional)

While you set up and have your account, you can need to transfer your current contacts and emails into your fresh account.

gmail for business


Having a Gmail for business is a significant step to making your company or business look extra proficient. Once you’ve completed this, it’s time to take it a step more through building the website for your business or company.